"Poets help us by discovering and uncovering the world...Poetry is how my middle schoolers begin to name the world for themselves." —Nancie Atwell
Jumpstart your teaching each day with poems and lessons from a master teacher. Naming the World is a collection of over two hundred outstanding poems, accompanied by five-to-ten minute lessons, that Nancie uses each day to launch her writing-reading workshop. Reading and discussing great poems changes her students: helps them gain perspective on their identities and make sense of their worlds, while honing their skills as critical readers and intentional writers. Poetry is the foundation upon which Nancie's students build excellence as writers in every genre, from finding subjects that matter, to crafting powerful language, recognizing how punctuation gives voice to writing, and developing and supporting a theme.

Hear Nancie explain the benefits of A Poem a Day

  • makes it easy for teachers to find great poems—Nancie has culled the best of the best from more than ninety anthologies, collections, and journals;
  • enables even inexperienced teachers of poetry to teach poems—shows how to read them with understanding and pleasure and highlight their features for students;
  • empowers students to read poetry, love it, take it into their lives, learn its lessons about fine writing, and apply them to poems, narratives, and exposition of their own; and
  • provides a common text for students and teachers to discuss a piece of literature together, and develop a vocabulary for talking about literary elements, without depriving young readers of essential opportunities to read books of their own choosing.
Recommended Grade Levels: 6 - 9

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